Occupational Health & Safety

​Safty Department


National and international occupational health and safety management​ .. Protect human lives .. Save money and properties ..Provide safe work environment Through Establishing occupational health and safety management with Kuwaiti technical body And capabilities according to international standards < br/>


  • Self-building and development (continuous goal)
  • Establish database (during 18 months) – (the goal has been achieved during the specified period)
  • Information and field survey (during 18 months) – (the goal has been achieved during the specified period)
  • Set general policy of safety conditions and specifications for the Ministry's contracts (continuous goal)
  • Organize the Ministry's building (during 18 months)
  • Spread safety culture and promote the staffs' awareness and performance level to achieve the quality standards (continuous goal)​​

Important Information

11/4/2018 - Evacuations

Safety helmets:
Make sure to protect your head using safety helmets to avoid the following:
1. Head injuries.
2. Hard material penetration.
3. Materials hitting or falling on top of the head.
4. Electrocution.

Why do we use the safety helmet?

5/30/2018 - General News

​We use it to prevent the following risks Head shocks. Solid penetration accidents. Spillage or volatilization of materials on the head. Electric shocks.

Mock evacuation Drills in the Ministry of Public Works

3/4/2014 - Evacuations

The Ministry of Public Works performed a mock evacuation drill in its headquarters in South Surra successfully. Such drill is aimed at maintaining the safety of employees, providing them with proper training on the evacuation process, and raising their awareness to keep calm and gather in points specified by the Safety Department in the ministry in...