The Amiri Decree for the Ministry

Having reviewed Article 73 of the Constitution, the Amiri Decree No. 2 of 1962 concerning regulating ministries and the decrees amending thereof and the decree on forming the Ministry issued on 8th Rabi al-awwal, 1939 AH, corresponding to 16th February, 1978 AD, and by virtue of the presentation of the Prime Minister and the approval of the Council of Ministers, we decided the following:

First Article

The Ministry of Public Works shall be responsible for achieving the construction plan of the State in accordance with the environmental circumstances of Kuwait (and developing agriculture, livestock, and aquaculture in the State).

Second Article

The Ministry’s jurisdiction shall include the following:
  • Designing, implementing, and maintaining mega construction projects.
  • Designing, implementing and maintaining public buildings, roads, sewage system, and public gardens in coordination with competent authorities.
  • Supervising the agricultural wealth, livestock, and aquaculture in addition to providing the required methods for developing and protecting this wealth including maintaining animal health and regulating hunting).
  • (Assigning the agricultural vouchers and cattle pens).
  • Providing services required by citizens in construction (and agriculture) fields, such as conducting research and tests and providing guidance.
  • Cooperating with the State and Arab and foreign organizations in its fields of work.

Third Article

The Prime Minister and the Ministers shall, in their respective area of jurisdiction, apply this Decree. It shall come into force as of the date of publication in the Official Gazette.
Emir of Kuwait
Jaber Al-Ahmad
The Prime Minister
Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah
Issued at Seif Palace on:
8th Safar, 1399 AH
Corresponding to: 7th January, 1979 AD
-The jurisdictions set forth between parentheses are shifted to the Public Authority of AgricultureAffairs and Fish Resources by virtue of Law No. 49 of 198
-The Municipality’s jurisdiction concerning roads shall be restricted to cleaning and decorating roads and streets within the residential areas and shall not be responsible for Maintenance works. The Legislator entrusts the task of road maintenance only to the Ministry of Public Works and not the Municipality.
(Adjudication of the Court of Cassation on the civil appeal No.205 of 99, Hearing of 27/12/1999).