Privacy statement for the portal of Ministry of Works

This is the portal of the Ministry of Public Works in Kuwait
Pages of this portal have links to other government sites. The policies of these sites may vary concerning saving data and privacy from the policy of the Ministry of Public Works. When a visitor to the portal of the Ministry of Works navigates to one of the other sites, he/she leaves the domain of security and protection provided by the portal of the Ministry of Public Works. Consequently, this visitor will be subject to the privacy policy of these sites. The Ministry of Public Works recommends reading the privacy policies applied by these sites before browsing them.
Our dear user, if your personal information is required to be saved by the Ministry of Public Works, be assured that the process of saving is performed through using the latest technologies of information security.
The Ministry of Works uses modern software to prevent penetrating, damaging, or cracking the private information of the Ministry of Public Works. This secures the continuity and sustainability of the portal of the Ministry in order to keep providing services and information required by all visitors.
Any illegal attempts to load or change information is forbidden. Any person committing these illegal attempts is subject to the legal accountability by virtue of Law.