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The Ministry of Public Works provides a variety of communication means that enable communication between the Ministry and the public. Among them are the following:

- Contact us
- Notification Groups
- Citizen Service
- Share your Opinion (Guest Book)
- Emergency Phone Numbers
- Ministry Sectors Phone Numbers
- Most Frequently Asked Questions

The Ministry of Public Works provides citizens, residents, and private sector with a variety of e-services which aim to save time and effort. Following is a list of those e-services:​
​- Works Emergency System
- Geographic Explorer
- E-Payment for Tests and Services of the Government Center for Testing
- Obtaining Document Purchasing Receipt (practice/bid)
- Citizen Service
- Request for Triple and Quadruple Water Treatment
- Supplier Registration and Qualification
- Information Bank System for Approved Material
- Factory and Sub-Contractor System

Yes, the Portal supports e-payment for more than 300 services and tests. For more information, please visit the E-Payment page.

Moreover, information security is ensured through SSL Certificate, which helps the client/user safely browse and exchange information and perform e-payment.

The notification groups enable you to get the latest news and updates and the services related to the Ministry of Public Works (news, announcements, tenders, practices, services…) via e-mail and SMS. All you need to do is to subscribe in Notification Groups.