Planning and Development

Planning is the foundation that determines the road to achieve development. The Planning and Development sector handles preparing and following-up the implementation of the Ministry annual development plan, the five-year development plan, and the government action program. This is done in coordination with the technical sectors in the Ministry and the General Secretariat for the Supreme Council for Planning & Development. With these plans, we create the future.

The Sector also undertakes listing the job requirements and training needs. In addition, the Sector prepares and implements the plans for manpower training and qualification programs in order to build human capacities capable of achieving development. Moreover, the Sector undertakes reviewing the job descriptions and structures. Information systems are important as they are gateways for achieving organizational development. Therefore, they are considered one of the main pillars that contribute in the development of the Ministry. The Planning and Development sector is concerned with developing, implementing, and following up the operational plans of information technology and systems.